How to See ROI on the Best Local SEO Services

Do you want to get the best local seo services for your website? Are you not sure how to monitor your return on investment? There are a few ways your seo agency will be able to show that your seo services are valuable. Read on to find out what reports to expect to see every month. If you’re not getting the following kinds of reports, call you seo manager and tell them that you need them.

Call Tracking for SEO

SEO MarketingAre you expecting calls off of your website? If you’re using seo services to bring you’re website traffic up, then you need to track the calls that are coming off of your website. When this is done for your website, customers who come to your website through organic search will see your call tracking number instead of your actual phone number. You just need the call tracking script inserted onto your website. It’s just that easy. At the end of the month, you’ll see how many phone calls you received, where they came from, and where they came from. You’ll also be able to listen to every call that comes in, because they’re all recorded. If you want, you can sign up for email notification as well. This is useful for those times when you miss a call. The email will include the phone number you need to call back, as well when they called. You’ll notice that as your website goes up on in rank, your calls will go up as well. It really gives you a snapshot of how your seo campaign is performing.

This is very important to get on your website. That’s because if you’re using multiple forms of advertising, you need to know which calls are truly coming off your website. You’ll be glad to know that you can also use call tracking for your Google AdWords account. You’ll simply use a different phone number for your AdWords.

SEO Rank Tracking

When your seo campaign starts, you’ll choose keywords that you want to rank for. Keywords are simply the search terms you want your website to show for when people are looking for your services or product online. For example, if you sell chihuahua calendars online, then you want your website to show up for keywords like chihuahua calendars, buy chihuahua calendars, and chihuahua calendars for sale. As you see, those keywords are every day search terms that people type into Google. Your seo campaign will be designed to make your website show up for these keywords. It’s a process and it takes time. To watch the growth of of your website for your keywords, you’re seo agency will track your website in a rank tracking program for the keywords you want to get to page one for. Each month you’ll receive a report that outlines the position of your website for said keywords. For example, one month your website might be #20 on Google. The following month it might be #15 on Google. Eventually, you’ll see your website on the first page of Google. The first page usually has 11 spots, so when you see your keywords ranking #11 or #10, you know that you’ve finally made it to page one. Keep up with your seo campaign and you’ll only go up from there.